In this blog article we are going to discuss about the best marketplaces for affiliate marketing.

The global estimation of affiliate marketing reached 12 billion US dollars in 2021. Best news for beginner affiliate marketers is, nearly 81% of marketers and 84% of publishers choose affiliate marketing over spending millions on advertising and marketing.

A simple glance on what is affiliate marketing:

A vendor has a product which is about to be sold throughout internet. he chooses affiliate marketers to promote that offers throughout internet in spite of vendor with their unique techniques and generate sales for vendors. vendors/startups give a commission because you are person who helped him to get sales.

Majority of the beginner affiliates fail to choose the trusted, quality products because they don’t know much about the marketplaces in online.

So, I have categorized all this depending on my research keeping in mind about

1. Commission rates

2. Payout’s time

3. No of products

4. Quality products providers

1. Click bank:

Click bank is the one the best affiliate marketplaces in the world. Despite of being so popular lot of people don’t know about it. I have put this on no.1 because its best for beginners.

Here you can find products depending on various niches and it have products over 3000+ from which you can choose the best quality product.

How much is Click Bank Commission rate?

Click bank can offer over anywhere between 30% to 95% depending on the commission provided by the vendor. majority of the click bank products are digital products which makes it way more unique.

generally, click bank provides you payout when you cross a threshold of 100$ and you can withdraw your earned money through PayPal, Wire transfer, Cheque and Payoneer.


1. User Friendly

2. Best choice for beginners

3. No need to get approvals to promote products

4. 100$ Payout threshold ( in spite of being a globally renewed company it provides there affiliates a min threshold of 100$ )

5. You can choose between many niches and categorize products under 1$ trial offers, Recurring offers and one-time payment offers

6. You can choose quality and hot selling offers by clicking on ” gravity ” options in filter

7. Detailed reports with tracking URL’s

8. Affiliates have access to a large range of products.

9. Sellers can put their product before a huge base of professional affiliate marketers.

10. Click bank make regular payments to sellers and affiliates.


1. Click bank sellers and affiliates are subject to Click bank fees.

2. Affiliates who fail to make any sales over a period of months are charged $1 a day plus up to $50 per period for having a dormant account.

3. Product sellers and affiliates cannot communicate directly.

4. The Click bank marketplace contains such a wealth of products that it can be hard for sellers to make their products stand out from the rest.  It can also mean affiliates are so spoilt for choice that they spend hours trawling through products and trying to decide which one (s) to promote.

5. The high level of commission rates (often up to 75%) available may mean affiliates become biased against products that offer lower levels of commission and sellers who offer less than 50% may struggle for Click bank success.

2. JV zoo:

Despite of click bank JV zoo have 9,499 total products Which includes software’s, courses, eBooks etc., but the reason I placed it in the 2nd place is you have to request vendors for each and every product to promote stating your experience.

then the vendors will check out your profile and recent reports and provide you access to the affiliate materials and affiliate links to promote their products. it’s agreed to be concerned because vendors want the best marketers to promote their products to generate sales but it makes a beginner affiliate to struggle for finding and requesting products there.

JV zoo also provides commissions over 30% to 95% to their affiliates. You can request payout if threshold reaches 25$,50$,75$,100$ through many ways some are., PayPal, stripe, JV zoo pay etc.,


1. Unlike other competitors, in JV Zoo you will get payments instantly in your PayPal account. But, if you are new affiliate, then some vendors will want you to wait till the refund period.

2. In JV Zoo, it is easy to list your own products to sell or to promote listed products.

3. JV Zoo uses Cookies for its affiliate links due to which whenever you send clients to buy products in JV Zoo, your Cookies will be save so that if same client purchase another product in the future from JV Zoo using same device, then you will earn commission on that sale as well.

4. You can get up to 50% commission on the sales of JV Zoo affiliate products.

5. JV Zoo provides excellent tracking service to see the stats of the products that you are promoting.

6. JV Zoo offers products in a wide variety of niches, so you will have an option to choose various kinds of products as per your interest and expertise to promote and sell the products.

7. JV Zoo customer service is good because they are responsive to their affiliates.


1. You can find lots of junk products within JV Zoo. So, before you purchase products on JV Zoo or promote them to earn commission, you must do deep research on them.

2. Some of their good products also offers up-sells due to which buyers may feel cheated because about those up-sells, they haven’t mentioned clearly before purchasing the products. So, once again you need do deep research on the product listed in JV Zoo before you promote it or buy it.

3. You need to submit an application to the vendor in order to get permission to promote their products and they have full rights to refuse you without any reason.

3. Amazon:

Amazon is undoubtedly the best platform for its vast marketplace but i placed it in last because it has a payout threshold is 1500rs INR and period of 90 days which is really too late. not only this but amazon has majority of physical products which is the reason they provide only between 1% to 10% because they vendors have to invest a certain amount to actually manufacture that product.

it has some tools which can be helpful for you to place products in your website. But when it comes to privacy policies, they are very strict. some serious policies are.

1. if you can’t get 3 qualifying sales in 3 months your account gets banned

2. you need to have a professional website or YouTube channel to promote their products otherwise your account gets banned

3. you must maintain affiliate disclosures, terms of use, privacy policy pages in your website. if there no such thing when amazon reviews your website it states your website in spam and then rejects your application and account

4. amazon don’t provide commissions on high end products like iPhone, one plus etc.,


1. A well-reputed and trusted brand

2. Almost all goods are available

3. Extended benefits

4. Highly supportive

5. Safe and reliable

6. Sweet cookies

7. The market place covers a broad range of niches

8. Such a powerful platform


1.Low affiliate commission

2.Cookies last for a shorter period (24 hours)

3.They don’t love PayPal

Bonus Tip: if you want to find upcoming or pre launching offers visit munch eye website. It’s a launching calendar for internet product releases

What are the popular affiliate marketing networks

According to Our Analysis based on payouts,ui,commission,products 1) clickbank 2) jvzoo 3)amazon however their lot more networks

Is amazon still a better choice for affiliate program?

Yes,Amazon still stands on the top position for consumer products affiliate marketing providing very good commission rates and wide range of products.


The above all marketplaces are great to use and can make you more revenue if you choose quality products and implement your strategies to promote wisely. Finally, it’s the thing that what you need and which marketplace is best for you to use comfortably without getting any further problems or issues.

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See you, Adios.